Kinda Back.

So I was without internet for the past while in case people (Read: Kaze. I know this because he asked me via text like yesterday or so. Kaze, you killed the last of my minutes with that text, you fuck. Please find enclosed, one knife. Kindly swallow it.) didn’t know or were wondering.

As such, I appear to be back. I say kinda as I’m not sure how well or long it’ll hold for either. How I got back on is kinda funny as well. At least, to me it is.

Before you ask, Fid, no, nothing got done with Shadowgate ReBorn. I wasn’t allowed to use the computer due to my Dad thinking that at the time I had broken the network card because it said its media was disconnected. Y’know? Meaning it just couldn’t get a signal? Trying to explain didn’t work. It did eventually though, as evidenced by me being here to try to get the net working. Him being unreasonable was a result of withdrawal symptoms, as he had (finally) quit smoking. Apparently quitting something you’ve been doing for 35 years (that’s also addictive or something) is hard. Who knew.

Anyways, nothing new to report other than I played lots of games, I found out I’m awesome at Modern Warfare 2, and that the Castlevania fighting game (Although it plays more like a 3rd person action game. Like Onimusha or something, while still being kinda like a fighter.) for the Wii isn’t bad at all.

(Irrelevant Sidenote: Fuck the Tokay. Fuck them oh so hard. With a rusty spoon. Made of barded wire. Dipped in salty acid.)


He Got It

I joy’d. Apparently there’s some paperwork that needs faxing, and things that need signing still. But it looks like a lock, and we’ll has teh monies by tomorrow or the next day.


Now, we need to find out if we’re good. Whether the office will accept ze money or force us to go through court or some shit. I guess we’ll see. Haven’t worked on the ESMs. Another D&D session was had. However, none of the recordings from it saved. I sadface’d

Welp, I guess that’s all for now. I has tic tacs, will be having lasagna (and garlic bread!) soon, and I has a fwend over. And that’s just awesome. Peace.

Later, I Might Disappear For Awhile

So it turns out that it is not this coming Tuesday, but the next one is where the stay expires and it’s Game Over. However, it seems we have two options now at this point:

1. Move. We have a possible moving place, and could probably move in a day should my Dad be able to borrow a friend’s truck. I have a really bad feeling about that, due to the person who would be our landlord. Said person is someone I dislike due to reasons I’ll not mention here.

2. Loan. My Dad is currently trying to get a loan, using the inheritance as coverage. Not sure how that’s going really, but it seems like it’s going well. I guess we’ll see.

Welp, that’s all. As before, will keep you posted.

Oh right, there be ESMs in the works again. They’re from a recent D&D session that was had. It was rather jawesome. So expect them soonish I guess. I dunno. Now that’s everything.



All the ESMs have been restored now. The ESM page also shows this, so you can hear them or download them or whatever.

All that’s left now is to restore the pages/files regarding the ReBorn project. Beyond that, there’s nothing else to do. So we’re basically at normality now. Finished.


And we’re back. Sorta.

So Hostmist, (which hosts Emulysian Fields, and (by extension) Sy’s Side of Things) had been hacked. The result was that I had to post from my lifeboat.

But we’re back now. Anyways, because I hadn’t backed up the site in ages it has been reverted to a July or August something or other backup. D’aw.

What this means is that I’ll have a lot of uploading to do.
However, at the current moment only the blog is up.

More on this as it develops. Peace.

Good News, Everyone!

I have finished that demo update I posted about. All the bugs of the previous demo should be gone now. As well, I’ve revised some of the script. The beginning of the game looks rather different now as well.

One more possibly important note: It’s longer than the previous demo.
That, and your saves from the old demo are not compatible with the new one.

This is due to many of the events I changed to remove bugs and the like. So my apologies.

Just go to the Shadowgate ReBorn page, download, install, and enjoy!

EDIT: Uploaded a hopefully glitch free version.

My Apologies

So I had planned for yesterday to be the day where I release something ReBorn related. Namely, an updated demo. I have even mentioned that in an earlier post.

Suffice it to say, I missed that date. Due to me being sick, I didn’t get any work done. Thus, the update has been delayed to a date I don’t know yet. Probably a week from a now or something.

Sorry gaiz.

My E3 Thoughts

Super Mario Galaxy 2? Eh.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii? FUCK YES.
Wii Motion+? Sweet. Unlimited potential for epic.
Vitality Sensor? WAHAHAHAHAHA… can’t… stop… laughing…
DSiWare? Yeah… I don’t really care about that.

However, it’s the last two things I wub more than anything else.

Golden Sun DS, and a new Metroid game.
Do you have any idea just how many grapes have been eaten?


EDIT: Oh yeah, new ESM. #56 – Let’s go Wenching. Enjoy! 😛

Everyone Refutes Skirb

That’s the title of the 55th ESM. The aforementioned ESM has finished uploading, and is now released. Another ESM is on the way, it’s just in editing stages now. After that, I’ll be out of recordings again.

So for now, enjoy ESM #55: Everyone Refutes Skirb.

Milestones. I reach them.

Welp, I’ve finally reached 100 posts. I had wanted to do something to commemorate this occasion, but it seems I shan’t be doing that. Ah well.

I had taken a break from working on the ReBorn project. So very little progress has been made on it. Anyways, I do have some good news for you.

A tentative demo update: June 20th. Huzzah!
I guess that’s all for now. Oh, a new ESM has been released.
ESM 53: Force Your Way. Enjoy!

EDIT: Another ESM has been released.