Remember ESMs?

I did today! It was awesome. So I went and polished off a couple more:

ESM #62 – Waiting in Dreamland
ESM #63 – Premium Lager

These two ESMs stem from some time ago (October of last year lololol) but they’re the latest that will come. Mainly because this makes me caught up on recordings again.

Oh yeah, and there might be some stuff from a D&D session in there. Maybe.
So enjoy. Or something.


He Got It

I joy’d. Apparently there’s some paperwork that needs faxing, and things that need signing still. But it looks like a lock, and we’ll has teh monies by tomorrow or the next day.


Now, we need to find out if we’re good. Whether the office will accept ze money or force us to go through court or some shit. I guess we’ll see. Haven’t worked on the ESMs. Another D&D session was had. However, none of the recordings from it saved. I sadface’d

Welp, I guess that’s all for now. I has tic tacs, will be having lasagna (and garlic bread!) soon, and I has a fwend over. And that’s just awesome. Peace.

Later, I Might Disappear For Awhile

So it turns out that it is not this coming Tuesday, but the next one is where the stay expires and it’s Game Over. However, it seems we have two options now at this point:

1. Move. We have a possible moving place, and could probably move in a day should my Dad be able to borrow a friend’s truck. I have a really bad feeling about that, due to the person who would be our landlord. Said person is someone I dislike due to reasons I’ll not mention here.

2. Loan. My Dad is currently trying to get a loan, using the inheritance as coverage. Not sure how that’s going really, but it seems like it’s going well. I guess we’ll see.

Welp, that’s all. As before, will keep you posted.

Oh right, there be ESMs in the works again. They’re from a recent D&D session that was had. It was rather jawesome. So expect them soonish I guess. I dunno. Now that’s everything.


My E3 Thoughts

Super Mario Galaxy 2? Eh.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii? FUCK YES.
Wii Motion+? Sweet. Unlimited potential for epic.
Vitality Sensor? WAHAHAHAHAHA… can’t… stop… laughing…
DSiWare? Yeah… I don’t really care about that.

However, it’s the last two things I wub more than anything else.

Golden Sun DS, and a new Metroid game.
Do you have any idea just how many grapes have been eaten?


EDIT: Oh yeah, new ESM. #56 – Let’s go Wenching. Enjoy! 😛

Everyone Refutes Skirb

That’s the title of the 55th ESM. The aforementioned ESM has finished uploading, and is now released. Another ESM is on the way, it’s just in editing stages now. After that, I’ll be out of recordings again.

So for now, enjoy ESM #55: Everyone Refutes Skirb.

Milestones. I reach them.

Welp, I’ve finally reached 100 posts. I had wanted to do something to commemorate this occasion, but it seems I shan’t be doing that. Ah well.

I had taken a break from working on the ReBorn project. So very little progress has been made on it. Anyways, I do have some good news for you.

A tentative demo update: June 20th. Huzzah!
I guess that’s all for now. Oh, a new ESM has been released.
ESM 53: Force Your Way. Enjoy!

EDIT: Another ESM has been released.

Level Up!

So as you may have noticed, the site has undergone a major overhaul. Also, “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Success” has been integrated into the site. In terms of things ReBorn, some more progress was made, including the entirety of the Sphinx’s Room. Although, it’s not a Sphinx anymore.

Lastly, I want to thank Fid (Mopquill) who has worked hard on the site design to meet my requests. The deity really is nearly cosmic, and even semi-phenomenal. So, my thanks to Fid. He rocks. Something hardcore of course.

Oh, and the Shoutbox is still being fine tuned, so it may not be working properly at the moment. 😀 Nevermind.

Edit Again: The ESM playlist was broken due to Fid’s decision to drop the wwws. This is fixed now.
Edit Yet Again: A new ESM has been released.
Another Edit: I’ve got a userbar for the Shadowgate ReBorn project now.

BBC (For forum signatures):


HTML (For whatever else):

<a href=“_blank”><img src=“” border=“0”></a>

It’ll look like this:



I could have just made another post, instead of all these edits. However, I want to make my 100th post something special. Not sure yet.

Triple Play

Three more ESMs have been completed.

ESM #49 – Cars Before Bros
ESM #50 – A Happy New Year
ESM #51 – Starskirb and his Plot Devices

I didn’t really like #48 all that much, but these three are good.
One of them has a great ending, due to something Darke says.
These will be uploaded later, as for some reason, my upload speed is shiterrible.

EDIT: They have been uploaded now. Enjoy!

Le Sigh

I’ve been without internet for almost two weeks.
On the status of things both ReBorn and not, I didn’t do much.
I was busy with other things. Such as Life.
What a damnable time waster that can be.
Ah well. It goes on nonetheless.

ESM Status: Haven’t touched them. They’re all ready to be worked on, I just haven’t done so yet.
ReBorn Report: The game is more than half done now. It may be released soon. 😛
Life Log: My birthday is in 9 days. I’ll be 20. Huzzah.
Internet Inquiry: I has it again, but I don’t know for how long. As per usual. Yar.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Peace.

Quad Epicage.

Four new ESMs have been completed.
I know. It’s about damn time.

They haven’t been uploaded yet though.
So you’ll have to wait for the uploads to happen.

Said uploads will happen soon enough, so just check back later.