Job -GET!

So I has a job, finally.
It pays at $15 an hour, but the hours are inconsistent.
The job is snow shoveling. It’s not bad.

I kinda like it. Still going to try and find a job with more consistency though.
Moving on, as to ESM status, it doesn’t exist.

Haven’t been on Skype since releasing those four ESMs the other day.
Ah well.

Wub for the homies!

Quad Epicage.

Four new ESMs have been completed.
I know. It’s about damn time.

They haven’t been uploaded yet though.
So you’ll have to wait for the uploads to happen.

Said uploads will happen soon enough, so just check back later.


Not Dead Yet

Hey. Yeah, I haven’t been around much.
I’ve been out and about, and have been on ze comp less.

I needs to gets a jobs stills. Currently no luck due to damned seasonal crap, but I’ll live.
Live. Speaking of that, I’m not sure of my current living condition anymore.

Seems that it’s possible that we may be evicted.
If this happens, it’s been made clear that I’ll be on my own.
So I’m not entirely sure of what I’ll be doing should that event pass.

Thus, Operation Job-GET! is in fuller swing than evar.
I guess one could say I’m in a stressful situation and all.
But I deal with it, so I’ll be fine. Mentally/emotionally that is.
Can’t be sure about the physical if I end up homeless.

Please note that there’s no suicidal undertone there, I’m just being logical.
If you thought there was one there, you don’t know me well at all.

Moving on.

ESM-Status is still not looked at.
I plan to be dealing with that over this weekend, and tonight possibly.
Been passing time (when not job hunting) playing various games, or going to EF.

If ye see me, and I seem distanter than usual (That’s right. Fuck grammar.), pay it of no mind. I just have more on my mind than usual.

Wub for the homies!


So as most know by now, my graphics/video card (Which was a nVidia GeForce FX 5200) was fried.

This crippled my comp basically, in that a lot of things caused it to crash.
Such as most games, and most video.
Flash animations, and flash video worked fine. Some games were okay as well.

But for an example: Even STARCRAFT would not run without crashing the comp.

You know something’s wrong when your comp can’t run that game.

Anyways, a friend of mine (Xenyadot. Also known as Mr. Christopher.) solved that little problem.
You see, he recently got a new graphics card for his comp.
As a result, he gave me his old one.

I have replaced my card with his now.
The result: No more crashing! YAY!

In case anyone was curious, it’s an ATI Radeon 9200 PRO.

Oh yeah, I haven’t been on my comp in days, so no progress on ESMs whatsoever.

Wub for the homies! Peace.