Good News, Everyone!

I have finished that demo update I posted about. All the bugs of the previous demo should be gone now. As well, I’ve revised some of the script. The beginning of the game looks rather different now as well.

One more possibly important note: It’s longer than the previous demo.
That, and your saves from the old demo are not compatible with the new one.

This is due to many of the events I changed to remove bugs and the like. So my apologies.

Just go to the Shadowgate ReBorn page, download, install, and enjoy!

EDIT: Uploaded a hopefully glitch free version.

My Apologies

So I had planned for yesterday to be the day where I release something ReBorn related. Namely, an updated demo. I have even mentioned that in an earlier post.

Suffice it to say, I missed that date. Due to me being sick, I didn’t get any work done. Thus, the update has been delayed to a date I don’t know yet. Probably a week from a now or something.

Sorry gaiz.

Blegh. I’m sick.

It sucks. Like, really really bad. I practically never get sick, so when I do, it’s annoying. Especially when it’s an overly thorough sickness like this one. I don’t even know what I have.

Perhaps it’s Dragon Flu.

Not to mention that a week or so ago, I was in a pair of car accidents. I sorta forgot to post about that. Ah well. I’m clearly fine though. That or this is some clever ruse. But I digress.

The two accidents happened on the same day, within five minutes of each other. But they’re unrelated. It was a rainy day, so the roads were slippery. At some point on the way home, we (Read: Xen, the driver.) rear ended a car. Sometime later, a raccoon grows a pair and darts onto the road. Instead of hitting it, we (Read: Xen.) decided swerving was the better idea. The raccoon ran in the direction of the swerve, so the swerve was made wider. Result was a delicious spin out, stopping us in the middle of the street. That is, taking up both lanes, horiztonally across the street. What we in the biz call a “bad position”. So then we (Read: I tell Xen to) pull over. My sister and her friend get out of the car, deciding to walk home. I tell Xen to go home, then I went with my sister.

Gasp. That’s right. I did a brotherly action.
Call your bets in now.
Moving on, we get home safely, The End.

One thing I found funny was, the entire time the 2nd accident happened, I was nonchalantly going through my music on my SANYO. Including the time of the pull over up to me rejoining my sister.

Anyways, that’s all. I’m thoroughly ill. Huzzah.

My E3 Thoughts

Super Mario Galaxy 2? Eh.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii? FUCK YES.
Wii Motion+? Sweet. Unlimited potential for epic.
Vitality Sensor? WAHAHAHAHAHA… can’t… stop… laughing…
DSiWare? Yeah… I don’t really care about that.

However, it’s the last two things I wub more than anything else.

Golden Sun DS, and a new Metroid game.
Do you have any idea just how many grapes have been eaten?


EDIT: Oh yeah, new ESM. #56 – Let’s go Wenching. Enjoy! 😛

Everyone Refutes Skirb

That’s the title of the 55th ESM. The aforementioned ESM has finished uploading, and is now released. Another ESM is on the way, it’s just in editing stages now. After that, I’ll be out of recordings again.

So for now, enjoy ESM #55: Everyone Refutes Skirb.