Epic Skype Maneuvers


There’s this program out there called Skype. With it, you can call people online, much like audio calls in MSN. However, Skype is of a much higher quality in comparison to MSN. It also allows for conference calling. There’s an add-on for Skype that allows recording. I also happen to have audio editing software. Shouldn’t be too hard for you to figure out what comes next. In short, a podcast, or pseudo-radio type thing.
The latest release is ESM 63. (January 26th, 2010)

An Epic Disclaimer

So, due to a dick, we have less server space.
As such, all the ESMs after the most recent five are gone.
If you’d like to get an old one, just contact me. 😀

Due to the way audio is sent over Skype (There are a few sound channels missing.), voices are altered to a degree. For the most part this is minimal, we mostly sound as we do on Skype. However, for the user Fierce Deity, it is a DRASTIC change to his voice. When you hear Fid in an ESM, take note that he honestly doesn’t actually sound like that. His voice is much deeper, and the difference is astonishing. Myself, Kaze, Lynx, and anyone else who’s heard Fid via phone/talkingsansSkype can attest to this. I’d like to apologize to Fid because I initially didn’t believe him, and even voiced that opinion IN an ESM or two. But now that I’ve actually heard the difference, dear GAWD it is true. So this is just a disclaimer. Fid doesn’t sound like that IRL. This also holds true for the user Xenyadot.

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Systemeth (That’s me! Usually called Sy. Pulls on buttons. Somehow.)
Mopquill (Formerly Fierce Deity. Called Fid or Mopsy by most. Zelda fanboy whilst somehow retaining intelligence.)

Ryden (Formerly Craze. Called Kaze by pretty much fucking everyone, and Ry by a select few. Canadabro. Loves dat Lucario. Secretly Dr. Claw, in his hideout; the Cave of Wonders.)

Kuri (Kaze’s female roommate at the time. Isn’t around much.)
Josey (IRL friend of Fid’s. Enjoys buttery thighs as much as the next guy.)

Kirsdarke (Usually called Darke. Wrote guides for Chain of Memories, and Pokemon. Former WoWfag.)

Kyasarin (Usually called Kya. One of the few girls. REALLY likes chocolate.)
Mew (Occasionally called Liz. An ex of mine.)
Lynx (Occasionally called Sharday. An ex of Kaze’s. Flies Economy.)
Xenyadot (Usually called Xen, or Mr. Christopher. My roommate at the time. A little excitable.)
Shadiko (Usually called Shiko. Is eternally 9. No one knows his secret. I think his voice is a clue.)
Godgryphon (Usually called Gryph. Chillest of the chill. Very musically inclined.)
Automatopia (Usually called Auto. IRL friend of Fid’s. Secretly the voice of Metaknight in Brawl.)
Kotoyo (Also called Koyo or sometimes Shaylyn. Relied on me for… well, I don’t want to say moral support, because it’s me.)

Sonic (Around possibly the least.)
Majora (Also called Maj, or Mage by people who can’t read. Also called Alejandro in a shrill hispanic tone.)

Skirb (Tends to get refuted by fucking everyone. Does a fantastic Starscream impression. IRL friend of mine.)
Snebbik (Usually called Kibs, or Blue. Really likes cats and catgirls.)
Kero (Sometimes called Mason. IRL friend of mine. Tends to be quiet unless spoken to directly. Scares people sometimes.)

ChazFox (Usually called Chaz. Friend of Skirb. Doesn’t get refuted nearly as much.)
Mr. Pickles (Formerly Dansicle. Usually called Dan. IRL friend of mine. Gets into shenanigans.)
Double Dick (My sister. Tended to commandeer the mic when I was in the bathroom. Well, back when I lived at home.)

Lynx’s Grandma (Actually Kaze. Yeah.)
Guts Man’s Ass (A now tired meme that gets used for an episode.)
Firebird (Foreign bird of prey and flame. Belongs in Castlevania.)