Shadowgate ReBorn is Finished

Yes, you read that right. I have finally gotten around to finishing the damn game. I didn’t end up adding the extra crap, but I can always go and do that at a later date. The point is, the full version is done and is up for download. Just meander on over to the Shadowgate ReBorn page on the Projects tab and give it a look-see.

I guess leave any comments here as to any bugs or things of that nature being found. Alternatively, just contact me with the usual methods since I know most of you would be too lazy otherwise. XD

Anyways, it’s done. It’s about damn time.

Reappearing at your Local Place of Recreation…

Me! Or something. Point is, I’ve returned.
Was going to say more, then changed my mind.

So basically, I was homeless. We (Read: Myself, dad, sister, and Strider (who we rented a spare room too)) lost the house due to shenanigans and the land lord essentially being a dick. Anyways, it split all of us up. Strider moved to a friend’s place, my sister moved to a friend’s place, and it was just my Dad and I.

After moving our stuff into a storage unit, we (Read: Now just my Dad and I.) were able to stay at my friend Dry-Bones’s place ’til the end of June. So that gave us about a couple of weeks for each of us to find someplace to live. I eventually did. I’m now living at Xenyadot’s place, paying $350/month. As I get $585/month due to income assistance, this works well for now. As for my Dad, I dunno what he’s doing. We’re keeping in touch via the phone, but that’s all I know. I guess that’s everything. My family’s essentially been torn apart (locationwise anyways) and I’m stable again now I suppose.

Oh yeah, we’re looking to give away my sister’s two cats, as she can’t have them where she is. Now that’s everything. Peace.