##th Blog Post!

It’s a milestone, I guess.

Anyways, just thought I’d update this bitch.

So, I’ve been playing a bunch of games recently.
Okay just Echoes, and Wind Waker the most.
Games be jawesome. Wind Waker is a little annoying on the denying me freedom thing though.
I still don’t see why Echoes is usually considered the black sheep of the series.

Away from games for a moment (ZOMG!), let’s go to ESM status.
I’m currently out of recordings again, so I dunno when the next one will be.
It’ll probably happen sometime this weekend. Stay tuned I guess.

Oh and I think something might be UP, but I can’t quite say…

…I wasn’t in school yesterday or the day before.
That sucks. I can only imagine the homework situation.
Yesterday I wasn’t in school because I was waiting for a guy to come and install the new thermostat, and remove the old one. My dad was at work and my sister “was missing too much school” so I got the shaft there. The day before yesterday I was waiting for the Electrical Inspector to come by. Same reasons as the yesterday’s school abscence. I don’t need this, I need to be at school for my Maths and smarts so I can go to more schoolses for mathses and smarts.


Oh, and I still need to come up with something else for the site besides ESMs.
Maybe a webcomic or something, I dunno.


OJ is Gone.

We had to give her up to the Humane Society.
AFAIK, she’s with Animal Control at the moment though.
It makes me a sad panda. She’s an awesome cat.
She just didn’t use the litter box much. That’s all.
I hope she escapes. If she does I bet she’ll show up at my house again, at the back door, waiting to be let in. She’s just awesome enough to do so.

Famine Update: A little over 3 hours remains. I seem to be fine still. Did some mega-gaming last night. Brawl, Wiikart, and Bleach were all played. Others played Brawl on a seperate Wii, Guitar Hero II (or was it III? I forget.) on a PS2, and Halo 3 in the hallway. Also there were TVs all over the school, and people were hooking up other consoles or DVD players and watching movies or playing games. ‘Twas awesome.

EDIT: Oh yeah, my internet came back yesterday morning apparently. I verified this when I got home last night and tried it. Coincidently, I removed my Wii from the house on that day to bring to the Famine/Games Club. Maybe my Wii WAS the culprit after all. Hrm.

30 Hour Famine

Basically, I don’t eat for 30 hours.
I then get a pizza party. Also today’s Games Club will go until like 10 or 11 PM. 😀
I also get 18 hours of community service out of it.

I’m a couple of hours into it right now.
It was too late for me to eat breakfast though.

I still don’t have internet.

But I’m making do for now.

I forgot to add a title to this post.

Well, I STILL have no net.
Also, my Wii was not to blame.

Gawd dammit.

And, unless it’s fixed’d now, Mew’s net is down as well. Went down last night.

ESM Status: Sorry, since my net is currently dead, I won’t be able to do an ESM for a little while. I suppose that whenever it fixes itself, I’ll do one asap or something.

Still No Internet

It sucks. A lot.
According to my Dad, the net came back for a few minutes though.
Same thing with my sister when she was on.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my Wii is to blame.
I’ll have to test that theory though first.

In other news, I’m borrowing Mario Kart Wii off of a friend.
This game is freaking amazing.

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