Ninja Status Pending

Yeah I know, I haven’t updated the site in forever. I cite laziness, and a lack of anything of note to mention. But I digress.

A few days ago, I decided to be a ninja again, only to end up in failure. Y’see, as a lazy bastard, I find that taking the normal way downstairs is a waste of time. So I usually just vault over the upstairs banister to land at near the bottom of the stairs, hopefully clearing the downstairs banister as well.

This was not to be when I tried it a few days ago. This time, my sister’s cat (Shake.) decided to be in my landing coordinates when I jumped. So I had to adjust in mid-air.

End result? Head off the downstairs banister, roll down the rest of the stairs, head off the wall. It gave me a bit of a concussion, a humourous anecdote, and new stamina for long winded swearing.

As of now though, my concussion has passed. However, being sick has replaced it. I think I might have caught whatever a certain sick person had when he was at my house on Friday. Ah well.

I guess that’s all folks.