Not dead I swearses

So, right, been like a year. Where’s the time gone? Mostly, it’s been filled with the vidya and in dealing with medical issues (because we can’t be feeling better, obv). Turns out there is what appears to be early onset arthritis (and/or rheumatoid arthritis) cropping up in my left foot. Another theory at the moment is it may be early signs of psoriatic arthritis, as I’ve had psoriasis since I was born. Fun.

Back to the game side of things, those recent horror games that the kids be loving, the Five Nights at Freddy’s series was neat. I only played (and streamed, see the heron related link on the right) each of the three games once though. I find them interesting in the ideas department, but not so much in the execution one.

On the stream side of things, I’ve switched from using Twitch to using Hitbox. This is because Twitch killed off support for having archives longer than like a week or two. As some of my viewers prefer to watch my stuff after the fact, I dropped Twitch. Hitbox seemed to be the only one with archives that didn’t also have delay out the ass, so I’ve switched. You can get to it via the sidebar’s As The Heron Flies link as alluded to in the previous paragraph. In any case, I think that’s all the relevant stuff. Oh right, had a birthday. I’m 26 now. Feels rad I guess.


The Fuck: A Possible Relapse?

Something’s not right in the healing process of my left toe. Planning to ask the Doc about it when I get checked out in December. I’m admittedly pretty salty about this being necessary. I’m thinking maybe it’s due to my body trying to heal so many things at once (I had extensive dental work done recently) but I dunno. Guess I’ll find out.


Recovery Status Update

I’m recovering nice and steadily. I can walk again, and I’ve got that down pat. I still can’t wear socks yet (still airing out) but it doesn’t hurt much unless I’m on my feet a lot. I was well enough to get other important stuff done. Namely, a lot of dental work. So now I’m recovering from that as well. Huzzah. So I guess I’m indisposed for a bit longer. Whoops. In any case, just wanted to get the update out.


Recovery Phase SET~

Surgery was had. I’m in recovery. Shit still hurts, I dunno. It’s distracting. Will most likely dive right into working on the game when I’m all gravy again. I’ve got a general picture for how I want to move forward on the game, so that’ll probably make things go faster when I get started. We’ll see.

Oh, I guess I’ll take this moment to plug another project of mine. Apparently, I make for a source of entertainment when I stream video games. I don’t understand it meself, but eh. So that’s a thing now. It’s called As the Heron Flies, and it’s at my Twitch account here. I mainly stream older games from PS1/N64 and down, though I do stream more newer stuff from time to time. I also do fangames or romhacks, and I take requests as well. Guess that’s it.


So I don’t have cancer. That’s neat.

Never mentioned it here since I try to keep personal shit to a minimum, but I’ve had some medical problems for the past year or so. The main thing being strange lesions (or, “cuts”) and granulation tissue (or, “proud flesh”) forming on, under, and around both of my big toenails. They go deep, down to the nerve clusters behind the cuticle, and fuck do they hurt. They generally sting all the time, and whenever I’m on my feet is like walking on hot electrifying coals. Walking itself is also weird since I have to try and alleviate any sort of pressure to those areas (the majority of your balance comes from the big toe and the joints connected to it).

I went through a bunch of crap on trying to figure what the problem was and how to get rid of it. Nothing was working, so it looked like surgery would be involved but first they had to do a biopsy. From what we had known beforehand, everything was pointing to cancer. Results come back in, and we find out that shit’s benign, yo. That means not cancer. Which is, y’know, nice.

So now I’m undergoing treatment this month, followed by a reassessment (and possible surgery planning to cut out what’s left) in June. Huzzah.

Oh right. I guess I should mention that progress on the game sorta stalled. Whoops.


Now What?

So, it’s been a long-ass time since I last updated my site. I haven’t really done anything, which is kind of pathetic. Between not doing ESMs anymore, and the ReBorn project being finished, I’m unsure of the point to this blog now. I turned 23 at the start of this month, which was nice, but that’s basically the only thing of note.

Main issue here, is one of content. I’ve none to give at the moment. Guess that’s that, until I come up with something.


Reappearing at your Local Place of Recreation…

Me! Or something. Point is, I’ve returned.
Was going to say more, then changed my mind.

So basically, I was homeless. We (Read: Myself, dad, sister, and Strider (who we rented a spare room too)) lost the house due to shenanigans and the land lord essentially being a dick. Anyways, it split all of us up. Strider moved to a friend’s place, my sister moved to a friend’s place, and it was just my Dad and I.

After moving our stuff into a storage unit, we (Read: Now just my Dad and I.) were able to stay at my friend Dry-Bones’s place ’til the end of June. So that gave us about a couple of weeks for each of us to find someplace to live. I eventually did. I’m now living at Xenyadot’s place, paying $350/month. As I get $585/month due to income assistance, this works well for now. As for my Dad, I dunno what he’s doing. We’re keeping in touch via the phone, but that’s all I know. I guess that’s everything. My family’s essentially been torn apart (locationwise anyways) and I’m stable again now I suppose.

Oh yeah, we’re looking to give away my sister’s two cats, as she can’t have them where she is. Now that’s everything. Peace.

Ninja Status Pending

Yeah I know, I haven’t updated the site in forever. I cite laziness, and a lack of anything of note to mention. But I digress.

A few days ago, I decided to be a ninja again, only to end up in failure. Y’see, as a lazy bastard, I find that taking the normal way downstairs is a waste of time. So I usually just vault over the upstairs banister to land at near the bottom of the stairs, hopefully clearing the downstairs banister as well.

This was not to be when I tried it a few days ago. This time, my sister’s cat (Shake.) decided to be in my landing coordinates when I jumped. So I had to adjust in mid-air.

End result? Head off the downstairs banister, roll down the rest of the stairs, head off the wall. It gave me a bit of a concussion, a humourous anecdote, and new stamina for long winded swearing.

As of now though, my concussion has passed. However, being sick has replaced it. I think I might have caught whatever a certain sick person had when he was at my house on Friday. Ah well.

I guess that’s all folks.