We found a place. Is a two floored, (3 if the basement counts) 4 bedroom place, and it’s awesome. $1500 a month, plus utilities. We plan to rent out the 4th bedroom (Already doing that actually.) and the basement. So hopefully we should be good.

As we’re moving over today and tomorrow, this’ll most likely be the last anyone hears of me for a few days or so. Mainly until we have Internet at the new place. Or if I manage to find (and subsequently jack) a signal.

‘Til then, peace. 😀

Moment of Truth

Today’s the court date regarding the stay of notice for the eviction.

Court’s done. We have to pay over 7K on Monday or move. I do believe we’ll be doing the latter. As such, will probably disappear sometime later in the week, and then be back whenever. Or not at all. We’ll see.

No, we currently don’t have any place to go. But we is gonna be looking. Ah well, will update when I can. Peace.

He Got It

I joy’d. Apparently there’s some paperwork that needs faxing, and things that need signing still. But it looks like a lock, and we’ll has teh monies by tomorrow or the next day.


Now, we need to find out if we’re good. Whether the office will accept ze money or force us to go through court or some shit. I guess we’ll see. Haven’t worked on the ESMs. Another D&D session was had. However, none of the recordings from it saved. I sadface’d

Welp, I guess that’s all for now. I has tic tacs, will be having lasagna (and garlic bread!) soon, and I has a fwend over. And that’s just awesome. Peace.

Later, I Might Disappear For Awhile

So it turns out that it is not this coming Tuesday, but the next one is where the stay expires and it’s Game Over. However, it seems we have two options now at this point:

1. Move. We have a possible moving place, and could probably move in a day should my Dad be able to borrow a friend’s truck. I have a really bad feeling about that, due to the person who would be our landlord. Said person is someone I dislike due to reasons I’ll not mention here.

2. Loan. My Dad is currently trying to get a loan, using the inheritance as coverage. Not sure how that’s going really, but it seems like it’s going well. I guess we’ll see.

Welp, that’s all. As before, will keep you posted.

Oh right, there be ESMs in the works again. They’re from a recent D&D session that was had. It was rather jawesome. So expect them soonish I guess. I dunno. Now that’s everything.


Coming Next Week: Might Disappear For Awhile

Right, so I forgot to mention that I might be disappearing for awhile. Could be for a little bit, could be for a large bit, could be forever. Not sure yet. This is due to the fact that I was given an eviction notice last week. Today’s the moment of truth of said notice.

Therefore, in possibly a couple of hours I may end up homeless. I’ll be updating this as soon as I can after the moment passes. There’s a chance we might be okay, as my Dad is currently in court trying to get the eviction stayed. So who knows. Eviction has been stayed. We have another week. Thus, comes the attempt to get money and paperwork together to argue our case. Alternatively, if we construct enough pylons to appease the Conclave, we’ll win that way. I came up with the obvious (Yet no one else thought of it for some reason.) plan of getting a loan, using the inheritance as easy coverage. Answers will be obtained in around 24 hours or so. Will try to keep you posted.