You turn the tree into a huge wooden sword…

Then you use that sword as a bridge to get across the river.
Following that, you chase after the salmon swarm that is whisking away your friends towards a waterfall.
Meanwhile one of your other friends is being chased by a school of piranha that somehow don’t need water.

If you remember this, you’re probably Kaze.
Or, you were also there when I told this to him in a previous D&Dish; session.

Thus, I propose D&D; again. Possibly this Friday.
Anyone who’s in should contact me.

Note: This will most likely end up an ESM or two.

Moving on, ESM status is currently still at looking through recording stages.
Man I’m lazy.


So I managed to get some more recordings via Skype.
My internet is still being shit terrible, but from time to time it’s acceptable.

Mainly because during said time to time, it’s being jawesome.
Ah well, guess I has to deal with it for now.

I have around another hour or so of audio to go through.
Thus, ESMs are abound in the next whenever.
However, I did polish off one ESM moments ago out of recordings I got from Skirb.
ESM #40 is here. It’s uploaded, added, and the player is updated to show that.

Oh yeah, btw, cake is Skirb and Kaze at this moment.
I currently hate them a little bit. Skirb moreso than Kaze, but not by much.
You’ll find out why when you listen to the ESM.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for moar in the near future whenever.

An ESM-Related Update

I don’t have any recordings.
So no ESMs for a little while.
My internet connection has been shit terrible lately.
This is due to the network I usually jack being down.
I’m rotating between a couple alternates now.
MSN & Skype only work half the time because of this.

Moving on, ESM-status is currently non-existent.
Hope the title didn’t get your hopes up.

I can Dual-Wield ESMs

I just can’t seem to upload them.
Two more ESMs have been completed.

ESM 38: Pull A Button
ESM 39: Oreo Raped

I will upload them later.
Possibly tomorrow.
I would upload them now, but I’m being lazy.

Also, I am now finally out of recordings again.

*added’d “SY” to Firefox Dictionary*


It has been brought to my attention (Via Skirb, and Kaze.) that ESM 36 repeats part of itself for some reason I don’t know.

As such, I’ll look into it, and remove where it apparently repeats.
Then I’ll re-upload it.

Thanks go to Skirb & Kaze I suppose.

*added’d “Skirb” and “Kaze” to Firefox dictionary*

EDIT: It is fixed now. Enjoy.
EDIT EDIT: In the previous post I said ESM 36 was the complex one. I meant ESM 35.

ESM Trifecta

They’ve been uploaded now.

ESM 35: Net Rapist
ESM 37: Zombo Kombat

ESM 36 is over a half an hour long, but ESM 37 is barely over ten minutes.
So you see, it balances out in a way.

Also, ESM 35 is my most complexly made ESM. This is because I’ve been experimenting with layers. Layers makes timing much more precise. It also raises quality. Of course, you may not notice any difference.

*added’d “Zombo” and “Kombat” to ze Firefox dictionary*
*added’d “ze” to ze Firefox dictionary*

EDIT: Fixed my errars. *added’d “errars” to ze Firefox dictionary*

Some Things of Importance

So, I broke up with my girlfriend.
I’m not going to get into it now, so don’t ask.
All you need to know (Assuming you care in the first place. XD), is that we’re still friends.

However, if you notice I seem to act different (Maybe more distant, and talking less.) that is the most likely reason. I say most likely because maybe something else happened. Ye never know.

Moving along, I’ve polished off three more ESMs.
They’re not uploaded yet. I’ll probably be upping them later today. Not sure as of yet.
I still have another hour of recordings to go through, so expect more ESMs besides those three eventually.