Update. Sort of.

So I changed the name.
An Epic Blogging Maneuver is no more.

Now it’s Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Success.
Maybe “Be a Success” for short, or BAS. I dunno.
Yes, it’s a gaming joke/pun/whathaveyou.

I’ve been thinking about a few things regarding this blog as a whole, but haven’t worked anything out yet.

I also have not forgotten about ESMs. I just haven’t been able to work on them, as I lack access to ze comp due to my Dad needing to use it for work.

Ah well.

EDIT: Bear with me on the colours. I’m working on which part of what blogger says is the HTML corresponds with what. It’s annoying.

Still Here

Yeah, I’m still here.
I’ve been busy with things aforementioned in an earlier post.

Recently I’ve been having more free time on my hands.
A result of this should be some ESMs in the future.

In other words, I’m saying that I should have time to work on them now.
So… yay!

…And check out my backlog.
Just because.