So I don’t have cancer. That’s neat.

Never mentioned it here since I try to keep personal shit to a minimum, but I’ve had some medical problems for the past year or so. The main thing being strange lesions (or, “cuts”) and granulation tissue (or, “proud flesh”) forming on, under, and around both of my big toenails. They go deep, down to the nerve clusters behind the cuticle, and fuck do they hurt. They generally sting all the time, and whenever I’m on my feet is like walking on hot electrifying coals. Walking itself is also weird since I have to try and alleviate any sort of pressure to those areas (the majority of your balance comes from the big toe and the joints connected to it).

I went through a bunch of crap on trying to figure what the problem was and how to get rid of it. Nothing was working, so it looked like surgery would be involved but first they had to do a biopsy. From what we had known beforehand, everything was pointing to cancer. Results come back in, and we find out that shit’s benign, yo. That means not cancer. Which is, y’know, nice.

So now I’m undergoing treatment this month, followed by a reassessment (and possible surgery planning to cut out what’s left) in June. Huzzah.

Oh right. I guess I should mention that progress on the game sorta stalled. Whoops.