IE needs to Step It Up

So it’s come to my attention that the sidebar of the site is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy pushed down when viewing the site under Internet Explorer.

IE8 might not have that problem though. *shrug*
I know that IE7 and below do.

Point is, why are there still people silly enough to keep using IE?
Go get Firefox. Or Chrome. Or Opera. Hell, nearly anything is better.

Shadowgate ReBorn 1.1

Yeah. That didn’t take long. XD
I’d like to thank a certain fierce deity (Mopquill) for running through the game with me to find any bugs or stuff.

As such, a couple of bugs were fixed, and some script revisions have been made. Minor stuff, but worth a release regardless. So head on over to the download page and grab v1.1 of the game.

NOTE: Save files should be compatible. Just install the game somewhere then copy your save over.