ReTurn Uninvited

Project Synopsis

titlescreenReTurn Uninvited is a project I’ve undertaken because RPG Maker VX Ace came out. I had always planned to do the NES game Uninvited after finishing Shadowgate, but wasn’t really motivated to do so. When I learned of VX Ace, the spark lit up again. I feel that I will do better with this game than with Shadowgate due to experience.

Now then, as with before, there are some changes. The most obvious change is that this will be in a 3rd-person point of view, same as Shadowgate ReBorn. I will be doing the music myself this time around. There may be some script changes, again due to wanting to work with the default RTP graphics. This is because it’s a new RPG Maker. There may be some revisions and additions to the script as well. The only imported graphics are the title screen, and the game over screen just like last time. I will be implementing a sanity system, only to reference something from the original game.

I’ve got a userbar for the ReTurn Uninvited project now. (Replace any large amount of spaces with just one.)
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HTML (For whatever else):

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It’ll look like this:




If you and your computer meet these requirements, you will be able to fully enjoy this game.

  • You will need reading comprehension.
  • This game has only been tested on Windows computers.
  • Your computer must have a working keyboard connected.
  • You do NOT need the RPGMVX RTP to play.
  • You will need patience, as you will die in this game. A lot.
  • The above ZIP file.
  • A means to extract ZIP files, such as WinRAR or 7zip.
The controls for this game are simple, and easy to remember. You cannot change them, to the best of my knowledge. So deal with it for the time being.

  • Arrow Keys to move.
  • Z is choose.
  • X is cancel.
  • X also brings up the subscreen.
  • C does that function as well.
  • Hold Shift to Dash while moving.
Just remember, if you’re having trouble, please remind yourself that I don’t care in any way shape or form. This stuff is not for the computer illiterate. Please ignore this paragraph if your troubles are due to some bug in the game. In that case, use the Contact page to tell me about it. Or post in the Shoutbox. I wouldn’t recommend the latter, as I may end up not seeing it.
exscreen1 exscreen2
exscreen3 exscreen4