Alive and Gaming

I’m juggling too many games again.
Damn it.

I haven’t touched a recording in awhile, despite the fact that I’m still getting them.
As such, I’m way behind on ESM work.
I’ll get to it eventually though.

Oh, I just noticed that my last post was my 100th post.
Awesome. I hit that landmark with a nod to OoT.


At least, that’s what I want my plans for D&D; to do.
They will prevail.

I wanted to do D&D; sometime last week.
It’s now a week later.
Damn it.

I still want to do D&D.;
I must work out a plan of attack.
We must join our brethren in battle, so rally the troops!
There isn’t much time left. WE MARCH AT DAWN.


DISCLAIMER: The time period known as “DAWN” has yet to be decided upon by the owner/author/creator of this blog. Misunderstandings are at your own peril, by risk of being cast into a fiery pit of something not entirely unlike doom.

EDIT: ESM Status is still unknown. I’m a lazy fuck. My apologies.

Status Report

So basically, I has recordings again.
ESMs are afoot. Sooner rather than later I hopeses.

On another note, I still want to do D&D; sometime.
Maybe tomorrow or so. Not sure yet.

I’m partially thinking fuck planning it.
Just do it when on Skype sometime, kinda like how ESMs get done in the first place.

Fuck plans!

S’been a little while.

Maybe more little than while, but I digress.

A couple more ESMs are up for yonder enjoyment.
More (Or just one) are on the way, as I still have recordings to go through.
If I wasn’t so lazy, this would probably be done faster.

Ah well.


So, obviously D&D; didn’t happen.
Probably because I went out on Friday, then came back on Monday.

My absence is probably the reason. Waha.
That’s okay, D&D; was my backup plan in the first place.

My weekend was full of awesome. Sleep hates me though.
Probably because I spent very very very little time with her.
Sowwy sleepy!

Anyways, I still want to do D&D.; I just don’t know when.
Hopefully this week sometime though.

The Quest to Lose Darke‘s Virginity MUST Continue!
For Great Justice of course.