All the ESMs have been restored now. The ESM page also shows this, so you can hear them or download them or whatever.

All that’s left now is to restore the pages/files regarding the ReBorn project. Beyond that, there’s nothing else to do. So we’re basically at normality now. Finished.


And we’re back. Sorta.

So Hostmist, (which hosts Emulysian Fields, and (by extension) Sy’s Side of Things) had been hacked. The result was that I had to post from my lifeboat.

But we’re back now. Anyways, because I hadn’t backed up the site in ages it has been reverted to a July or August something or other backup. D’aw.

What this means is that I’ll have a lot of uploading to do.
However, at the current moment only the blog is up.

More on this as it develops. Peace.