Later, I Might Disappear For Awhile

So it turns out that it is not this coming Tuesday, but the next one is where the stay expires and it’s Game Over. However, it seems we have two options now at this point:

1. Move. We have a possible moving place, and could probably move in a day should my Dad be able to borrow a friend’s truck. I have a really bad feeling about that, due to the person who would be our landlord. Said person is someone I dislike due to reasons I’ll not mention here.

2. Loan. My Dad is currently trying to get a loan, using the inheritance as coverage. Not sure how that’s going really, but it seems like it’s going well. I guess we’ll see.

Welp, that’s all. As before, will keep you posted.

Oh right, there be ESMs in the works again. They’re from a recent D&D session that was had. It was rather jawesome. So expect them soonish I guess. I dunno. Now that’s everything.


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