Small ReBorn Report

Thought I’d update this. The game is now at 60% standard completion. This means that not counting any extra stuff I may have planned, it’s 60% done.

If you somehow don’t understand that, you won’t want to play the game when it’s done.
It’ll be too hard for you.

EDIT: I’ve added links to Shadiko, and Erbavace’s websites. One to Shadiko’s, one to Erbavace’s. One wonders if they’ll link to here.

Le Sigh

I’ve been without internet for almost two weeks.
On the status of things both ReBorn and not, I didn’t do much.
I was busy with other things. Such as Life.
What a damnable time waster that can be.
Ah well. It goes on nonetheless.

ESM Status: Haven’t touched them. They’re all ready to be worked on, I just haven’t done so yet.
ReBorn Report: The game is more than half done now. It may be released soon. 😛
Life Log: My birthday is in 9 days. I’ll be 20. Huzzah.
Internet Inquiry: I has it again, but I don’t know for how long. As per usual. Yar.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Peace.

A ReBorn Report

I’ve started work on the full game. The first thing I did was remove the demo’s ending.
My apologies to Lina.

People who’ve beaten the demo will understand my apology.

Anyways, when taking a break from working on the game, I had gone to EF.
One of the users there had notified me of a bug in the demo. It was a pretty major bug.
I fixed it in a few minutes though. 😀
I then decided to go bug hunting through the rest of the demo.
Finding a few bugs, I soon fixed them.
However, I will not be uploading the bug-free version of the demo.
This is due to what I said about the ending.

So, I’ll tell you about the major bug, as it’s gamebreaking.
Whatever you do in the demo, do not enter the cave on the other side of the rickety bridge.
On your way back out again, you’ll have 0 HP, and die as soon as you use an item or spell.
You never have to enter this cave in the demo, and you can’t do what’s needed to be done in there anyways.

The other bugs were minor, and you may not even notice them.
So I won’t mention them.

Anyways, in the full game, the Fire Room’s events are now complete.
Progress has slowed a bit, as the game needs more complex events now.

Shadowgate ReBorn Demo

So I have completed the demo!
But first, screenshots!

Title Screen
Main Gate
Warlock Lord
Item Screen

You can download the demo here.

EDIT: I completely forgot to post the controls.

Arrow Keys are used to move.
Z is choose. X is cancel.
X also brings up the subscreen.
…I think C also does that, but I forget. Just ignore this line.
Oh, and you can hold Shift to dash. I had forgotten that. Sorry.
And, no, you don’t need any other programs to play this game.

ReBorn Progress Report

So, I was without internet for a couple of days. Again.
As a result, I got lot of work done in Shadowgate ReBorn.

The entire game is mapped out now. This means that walls, doors, objects, etc. etc. are all placed.
Most of them do nothing due to not having any events set.

Now then, I’ve fully completed events for all of the rooms that you can get to without entering the EPOR Room, the Room of Mirrors, or the lake with the skeleton in it.

I’m playtesting it as well, to make sure that the events work.
I’m also doing a second run through the original game so I can properly set the events.

Next, I’ll address some changes I’ve made.
For one, I’m leaving the torch system until last. Then I can make two copies of the game. One that uses it, and one that does not. This assumes I can implement a torch system of course. Torches will still have other uses regardless.

Secondly, the suicides via your own weapons (Sword, Spear, Hammer, etc.) have been removed. This is simply because RPG Maker VX won’t let me use a weapon as an item. I’ve thought of a couple ways to get around this that I haven’t tried yet, so hopefully it won’t be a permanent removal.

Lastly, there’s a few script changes, and object changes. Don’t worry, nothing major.
I do plan to add a secret area that wasn’t in the original game though.

I guess that’s it. When next I work on it, I’ll be starting on the EPOR Room.

A New Project

So I’ve undertaken a new project. This project is to better familiarize myself with RPG Maker VX. So I’m making a game. Woo.

Well, re-making actually.
I’m planning on remaking a NES gem called Shadowgate.

I’m calling it Shadowgate ReBorn, in lieu of the recent Gradius ReBirth game that Wii gamers received as a WiiWare title. It’ll basically be the same (With a few changes or subtle references here and there. :P) as the original, but instead of first person, it’s third person.

To go on, I’ve actually already started. Here’s my progress so far:

Title Screen, complete with a remix of Shadowgate’s title theme.
Game Over Screen, complete with a remix of Shadowgate’s death theme.
Outside the castle, complete with events, weather events, and a remix of the main Shadowgate theme.

That’s all in terms of fully complete. From there, I decided that I will go and create each and every room first. Then I’ll add the events, music, text, etc.

My progress there is as follows:

Entrance Hall where Lakmir taunts you.
Closet that contains the Sword, and the Sling.
L-shaped Hall
Hidden Room that contains the Arrow, and the magic Torch.
Twin Bridge Chasm
Wraith Room
4-Way Hub that connects to the L-shaped Hall, the Coffin Room, the Lake with the Skeleton in it, and the very cold room that’s right before the Dragon’s Den.
The aforementioned very cold room.

And that’s it so far.
I have to actually play through the original NES version of Shadowgate as I go, because I don’t remember everything. I have an infinite torches cheat so I can leave the game running while I go, so no worries there.

Now then, I do have a concern I’d like to share.
Basically, the Torches. Should I keep them?
To be honest, I’d like to get rid of them.
I’m also not sure if I can implement Shadowgate’s torch system as of yet anyways.
Any feedback would be great.

The Colours, Children! The Colours!

I think I’ve figured out the colours now.
Took long enough.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay procrastination!
*le sigh*

In any case, this weekend should prove fruitful in terms of progress.
Seriously, dawgs.

EDIT: So, when I go to the ESM page, the ESMs are kind of garbled when listened to via the player there. I do not know why this happens, and I do not know if this only happens to me, or other people experience this as well. I also don’t know how they sound when actually downloaded from the site, or streamed through something like Media Player. If someone could tell me, that’d be great.