Everyone Refutes Skirb

That’s the title of the 55th ESM. The aforementioned ESM has finished uploading, and is now released. Another ESM is on the way, it’s just in editing stages now. After that, I’ll be out of recordings again.

So for now, enjoy ESM #55: Everyone Refutes Skirb.

2 thoughts on “Everyone Refutes Skirb

  1. I don’t refute Skirb! Anyhow, fuck you Skirb, you’re wrong! Well, shit. It seems you’ve shown me my true self. 🙁

    Anyhow, you should put recording dates on there. It’d really help me figure out which ones are which.

    The new format should be something along the lines of:

    ESM #XXX – Title
    Guests: guests
    Recorded on: DD/MM/YYYY

    You know, assuming you don’t have a good reason for NOT doing that. Because it drives me crazy trying to figure out which ones are which. Also, you may want to not include ones that aren’t funny. XD

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