Fuck. Yeahr.

We’re getting a signal! /LeagueofExtraordinaryGentlemen

So for awhile it looked like I was going to be screwed for the interwebs. The network that my sister’s laptop, my DS, and Strider’s 360 could connect to would not allow the PC to connect. Or the Wii for some reason. However, the PC found a different network that it could connect to, but the others on the previous network could not connect to. So I lawl. But now to the meat ‘n potatoes of what’s up.

We is moved in now. Now we has to move all our shit around, and get the place set up. Joy and all that. I’ll still not be around all that much due to the aforementioned fact. Thus, this is more of an all is well for now post.

Wub for the homies. Peace.