Kinda Back.

So I was without internet for the past while in case people (Read: Kaze. I know this because he asked me via text like yesterday or so. Kaze, you killed the last of my minutes with that text, you fuck. Please find enclosed, one knife. Kindly swallow it.) didn’t know or were wondering.

As such, I appear to be back. I say kinda as I’m not sure how well or long it’ll hold for either. How I got back on is kinda funny as well. At least, to me it is.

Before you ask, Fid, no, nothing got done with Shadowgate ReBorn. I wasn’t allowed to use the computer due to my Dad thinking that at the time I had broken the network card because it said its media was disconnected. Y’know? Meaning it just couldn’t get a signal? Trying to explain didn’t work. It did eventually though, as evidenced by me being here to try to get the net working. Him being unreasonable was a result of withdrawal symptoms, as he had (finally) quit smoking. Apparently quitting something you’ve been doing for 35 years (that’s also addictive or something) is hard. Who knew.

Anyways, nothing new to report other than I played lots of games, I found out I’m awesome at Modern Warfare 2, and that the Castlevania fighting game (Although it plays more like a 3rd person action game. Like Onimusha or something, while still being kinda like a fighter.) for the Wii isn’t bad at all.

(Irrelevant Sidenote: Fuck the Tokay. Fuck them oh so hard. With a rusty spoon. Made of barded wire. Dipped in salty acid.)


9 thoughts on “Kinda Back.

  1. Was it restarting? Because when the network disappeared for us, we would just give up. And since Josey has a lappy, he almost never restarts. But, we discovered that THAT is what makes his wireless card stop being retarded, and it shows up again. And then we can use net and all is well. 😀

    Anyhow, I’ll have purchased net this Friday at 5:00pm (7:00pm your time) and then we’ll be relatively set again. Woo! 😀

  2. No, the people we were jacking net from had moved.
    All the other networks are WEP or WPA encrypted.
    So I was screwed’d.

    In any case, it’s good to hear you’ll have your own nets starting Friday.
    Is guud stoof.

  3. Well, now I’m not certain. It officially activates this Friday, but, it’s not Fiber Optics, Cable, ethernet, or anything I’m used to. It’s DSL, which means it requires a phone line, and my router doesn’t have that. So, I have to go pick up a DSL modem with ATM-compatibility. If I wanted to buy one from my soon-to-be ISP, it’s $99.99 USD ($105.91 CAD) for an actual router, or $59.99 USD ($63.54 CAD) for a modem that only has one ethernet-out port (which I could make router with the router I do have XD).

  4. Actually, DSL’s speed depends on your distance from the DSL Office. It’s -no kidding- a block away. I believe you can see the top of the building from the parking lot. It’s fucking -close-. XD

    Besides, it’s 7mbps. That’s almost 1MB/s. Not terribly amazing, but, a shit ton better than nothing. We’ll be upgrading to FiOs once it’s possible. Our up speed will be 768kpbs though, which is around 96KB/s, so, I won’t be FTPing any large files to the server for a little while. XD

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