Super Mario Maker

I picked this up partly for something to stream, and partly to try my hand at making levels. It’s surprisingly decent for the most part, but at the same time I feel it’s lacking in areas. Mostly in the themes and enemies departments. A recent update added much needed checkpoints in addition to tiered powerups, so I’m hoping more updates come to address other concerns.

If you’re like to try some levels of mine, I have them listed at Super Mario Maker Bookmark. I’ll probably start mentioning levels here (or via Twitter, which shows up here anyways) as well. I dunno how good a stage maker I am, but I did get featured in one of Nintendo Life’s Super Mario Maker Superstar Showcases (click here to see the video my level’s in, it’s the one called “The Ghost Code”). So I guess that’s something.


Not dead I swearses

So, right, been like a year. Where’s the time gone? Mostly, it’s been filled with the vidya and in dealing with medical issues (because we can’t be feeling better, obv). Turns out there is what appears to be early onset arthritis (and/or rheumatoid arthritis) cropping up in my left foot. Another theory at the moment is it may be early signs of psoriatic arthritis, as I’ve had psoriasis since I was born. Fun.

Back to the game side of things, those recent horror games that the kids be loving, the Five Nights at Freddy’s series was neat. I only played (and streamed, see the heron related link on the right) each of the three games once though. I find them interesting in the ideas department, but not so much in the execution one.

On the stream side of things, I’ve switched from using Twitch to using Hitbox. This is because Twitch killed off support for having archives longer than like a week or two. As some of my viewers prefer to watch my stuff after the fact, I dropped Twitch. Hitbox seemed to be the only one with archives that didn’t also have delay out the ass, so I’ve switched. You can get to it via the sidebar’s As The Heron Flies link as alluded to in the previous paragraph. In any case, I think that’s all the relevant stuff. Oh right, had a birthday. I’m 26 now. Feels rad I guess.


Super Metroid is the Fastest Metroid

Title says it all. One of the common complaints I’ve heard about Super Metroid (especially in comparison to Zero Mission and/or Fusion) is that the game is too slow. The word clunky also gets thrown around, but I never take that as a valid complaint against anything because it’s vague as fuck. This complaint always bothered me, as I always considered the later games to be slower.

Well, I eventually took the time to actually check that shit. I recorded how long it takes Samus to get from one end of a one map square wide room to the other in all 3 games at varying speeds (Walk, Run, Speedboost, Shinespark, and lastly Ballspark for shits). This is what I found out:
Super’s walking speed is marginally slower than Zero Mission’s, which is in-turn, slower than Fusion’s by a fair amount.
Every speed from Running and up, Super is faster. By a sizable margin.
Zero Mission & Fusion have a Walk speed. The problem is that they basically have Autorun turned on. Also, the speed increase is small instead of how large it is in Super.
Zero Mission’s Ballspark is humourously enough, the fasted speed you can go in said game.
At every speed, Fusion is faster than Zero Mission. This makes Zero Mission the slowest of the 3 games.

If you’re curious, I recorded some of my testing footage, and then also made some videos where I spliced clips together. Though this was more to test my video editing software than anything else. It can be downloaded here.

That’s all. Just wanted to get that out there. Super’s the fastest Metroid. Peace.

My E3 Thoughts

Super Mario Galaxy 2? Eh.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii? FUCK YES.
Wii Motion+? Sweet. Unlimited potential for epic.
Vitality Sensor? WAHAHAHAHAHA… can’t… stop… laughing…
DSiWare? Yeah… I don’t really care about that.

However, it’s the last two things I wub more than anything else.

Golden Sun DS, and a new Metroid game.
Do you have any idea just how many grapes have been eaten?


EDIT: Oh yeah, new ESM. #56 – Let’s go Wenching. Enjoy! 😛

Alive and Gaming

I’m juggling too many games again.
Damn it.

I haven’t touched a recording in awhile, despite the fact that I’m still getting them.
As such, I’m way behind on ESM work.
I’ll get to it eventually though.

Oh, I just noticed that my last post was my 100th post.
Awesome. I hit that landmark with a nod to OoT.


At least, that’s what I want my plans for D&D; to do.
They will prevail.

I wanted to do D&D; sometime last week.
It’s now a week later.
Damn it.

I still want to do D&D.;
I must work out a plan of attack.
We must join our brethren in battle, so rally the troops!
There isn’t much time left. WE MARCH AT DAWN.


DISCLAIMER: The time period known as “DAWN” has yet to be decided upon by the owner/author/creator of this blog. Misunderstandings are at your own peril, by risk of being cast into a fiery pit of something not entirely unlike doom.

EDIT: ESM Status is still unknown. I’m a lazy fuck. My apologies.

Status Report

So basically, I has recordings again.
ESMs are afoot. Sooner rather than later I hopeses.

On another note, I still want to do D&D; sometime.
Maybe tomorrow or so. Not sure yet.

I’m partially thinking fuck planning it.
Just do it when on Skype sometime, kinda like how ESMs get done in the first place.

Fuck plans!