Not dead I swearses

So, right, been like a year. Where’s the time gone? Mostly, it’s been filled with the vidya and in dealing with medical issues (because we can’t be feeling better, obv). Turns out there is what appears to be early onset arthritis (and/or rheumatoid arthritis) cropping up in my left foot. Another theory at the moment is it may be early signs of psoriatic arthritis, as I’ve had psoriasis since I was born. Fun.

Back to the game side of things, those recent horror games that the kids be loving, the Five Nights at Freddy’s series was neat. I only played (and streamed, see the heron related link on the right) each of the three games once though. I find them interesting in the ideas department, but not so much in the execution one.

On the stream side of things, I’ve switched from using Twitch to using Hitbox. This is because Twitch killed off support for having archives longer than like a week or two. As some of my viewers prefer to watch my stuff after the fact, I dropped Twitch. Hitbox seemed to be the only one with archives that didn’t also have delay out the ass, so I’ve switched. You can get to it via the sidebar’s As The Heron Flies link as alluded to in the previous paragraph. In any case, I think that’s all the relevant stuff. Oh right, had a birthday. I’m 26 now. Feels rad I guess.


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