Reappearing at your Local Place of Recreation…

Me! Or something. Point is, I’ve returned.
Was going to say more, then changed my mind.

So basically, I was homeless. We (Read: Myself, dad, sister, and Strider (who we rented a spare room too)) lost the house due to shenanigans and the land lord essentially being a dick. Anyways, it split all of us up. Strider moved to a friend’s place, my sister moved to a friend’s place, and it was just my Dad and I.

After moving our stuff into a storage unit, we (Read: Now just my Dad and I.) were able to stay at my friend Dry-Bones’s place ’til the end of June. So that gave us about a couple of weeks for each of us to find someplace to live. I eventually did. I’m now living at Xenyadot’s place, paying $350/month. As I get $585/month due to income assistance, this works well for now. As for my Dad, I dunno what he’s doing. We’re keeping in touch via the phone, but that’s all I know. I guess that’s everything. My family’s essentially been torn apart (locationwise anyways) and I’m stable again now I suppose.

Oh yeah, we’re looking to give away my sister’s two cats, as she can’t have them where she is. Now that’s everything. Peace.

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