Recovery Phase SET~

Surgery was had. I’m in recovery. Shit still hurts, I dunno. It’s distracting. Will most likely dive right into working on the game when I’m all gravy again. I’ve got a general picture for how I want to move forward on the game, so that’ll probably make things go faster when I get started. We’ll see.

Oh, I guess I’ll take this moment to plug another project of mine. Apparently, I make for a source of entertainment when I stream video games. I don’t understand it meself, but eh. So that’s a thing now. It’s called As the Heron Flies, and it’s at my Twitch account here. I mainly stream older games from PS1/N64 and down, though I do stream more newer stuff from time to time. I also do fangames or romhacks, and I take requests as well. Guess that’s it.


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