ReBorn Progress Report

So, I was without internet for a couple of days. Again.
As a result, I got lot of work done in Shadowgate ReBorn.

The entire game is mapped out now. This means that walls, doors, objects, etc. etc. are all placed.
Most of them do nothing due to not having any events set.

Now then, I’ve fully completed events for all of the rooms that you can get to without entering the EPOR Room, the Room of Mirrors, or the lake with the skeleton in it.

I’m playtesting it as well, to make sure that the events work.
I’m also doing a second run through the original game so I can properly set the events.

Next, I’ll address some changes I’ve made.
For one, I’m leaving the torch system until last. Then I can make two copies of the game. One that uses it, and one that does not. This assumes I can implement a torch system of course. Torches will still have other uses regardless.

Secondly, the suicides via your own weapons (Sword, Spear, Hammer, etc.) have been removed. This is simply because RPG Maker VX won’t let me use a weapon as an item. I’ve thought of a couple ways to get around this that I haven’t tried yet, so hopefully it won’t be a permanent removal.

Lastly, there’s a few script changes, and object changes. Don’t worry, nothing major.
I do plan to add a secret area that wasn’t in the original game though.

I guess that’s it. When next I work on it, I’ll be starting on the EPOR Room.

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