A ReBorn Report

I’ve started work on the full game. The first thing I did was remove the demo’s ending.
My apologies to Lina.

People who’ve beaten the demo will understand my apology.

Anyways, when taking a break from working on the game, I had gone to EF.
One of the users there had notified me of a bug in the demo. It was a pretty major bug.
I fixed it in a few minutes though. 😀
I then decided to go bug hunting through the rest of the demo.
Finding a few bugs, I soon fixed them.
However, I will not be uploading the bug-free version of the demo.
This is due to what I said about the ending.

So, I’ll tell you about the major bug, as it’s gamebreaking.
Whatever you do in the demo, do not enter the cave on the other side of the rickety bridge.
On your way back out again, you’ll have 0 HP, and die as soon as you use an item or spell.
You never have to enter this cave in the demo, and you can’t do what’s needed to be done in there anyways.

The other bugs were minor, and you may not even notice them.
So I won’t mention them.

Anyways, in the full game, the Fire Room’s events are now complete.
Progress has slowed a bit, as the game needs more complex events now.

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