A New Project

So I’ve undertaken a new project. This project is to better familiarize myself with RPG Maker VX. So I’m making a game. Woo.

Well, re-making actually.
I’m planning on remaking a NES gem called Shadowgate.

I’m calling it Shadowgate ReBorn, in lieu of the recent Gradius ReBirth game that Wii gamers received as a WiiWare title. It’ll basically be the same (With a few changes or subtle references here and there. :P) as the original, but instead of first person, it’s third person.

To go on, I’ve actually already started. Here’s my progress so far:

Title Screen, complete with a remix of Shadowgate’s title theme.
Game Over Screen, complete with a remix of Shadowgate’s death theme.
Outside the castle, complete with events, weather events, and a remix of the main Shadowgate theme.

That’s all in terms of fully complete. From there, I decided that I will go and create each and every room first. Then I’ll add the events, music, text, etc.

My progress there is as follows:

Entrance Hall where Lakmir taunts you.
Closet that contains the Sword, and the Sling.
L-shaped Hall
Hidden Room that contains the Arrow, and the magic Torch.
Twin Bridge Chasm
Wraith Room
4-Way Hub that connects to the L-shaped Hall, the Coffin Room, the Lake with the Skeleton in it, and the very cold room that’s right before the Dragon’s Den.
The aforementioned very cold room.

And that’s it so far.
I have to actually play through the original NES version of Shadowgate as I go, because I don’t remember everything. I have an infinite torches cheat so I can leave the game running while I go, so no worries there.

Now then, I do have a concern I’d like to share.
Basically, the Torches. Should I keep them?
To be honest, I’d like to get rid of them.
I’m also not sure if I can implement Shadowgate’s torch system as of yet anyways.
Any feedback would be great.

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