You turn the tree into a huge wooden sword…

Then you use that sword as a bridge to get across the river.
Following that, you chase after the salmon swarm that is whisking away your friends towards a waterfall.
Meanwhile one of your other friends is being chased by a school of piranha that somehow don’t need water.

If you remember this, you’re probably Kaze.
Or, you were also there when I told this to him in a previous D&Dish; session.

Thus, I propose D&D; again. Possibly this Friday.
Anyone who’s in should contact me.

Note: This will most likely end up an ESM or two.

Moving on, ESM status is currently still at looking through recording stages.
Man I’m lazy.

6 thoughts on “You turn the tree into a huge wooden sword…

  1. dude, wha happened to the DnD?

    Kaze, Dan, Liz and I ended up making a skype convo

    I even made “ESMs” out of them if you want me to send them.

    worst case they is “MSM”s…….Liz was drunk and mispelled ESM.

  2. So, a bunch of recordings happened that were almost mislabeled as ESMs?

    Thank gods for misspellings.

    I could potentially have been upset that someone would tag something as an ESM without my permission.

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