So I managed to get some more recordings via Skype.
My internet is still being shit terrible, but from time to time it’s acceptable.

Mainly because during said time to time, it’s being jawesome.
Ah well, guess I has to deal with it for now.

I have around another hour or so of audio to go through.
Thus, ESMs are abound in the next whenever.
However, I did polish off one ESM moments ago out of recordings I got from Skirb.
ESM #40 is here. It’s uploaded, added, and the player is updated to show that.

Oh yeah, btw, cake is Skirb and Kaze at this moment.
I currently hate them a little bit. Skirb moreso than Kaze, but not by much.
You’ll find out why when you listen to the ESM.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for moar in the near future whenever.

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