Ninja Status Pending

Yeah I know, I haven’t updated the site in forever. I cite laziness, and a lack of anything of note to mention. But I digress.

A few days ago, I decided to be a ninja again, only to end up in failure. Y’see, as a lazy bastard, I find that taking the normal way downstairs is a waste of time. So I usually just vault over the upstairs banister to land at near the bottom of the stairs, hopefully clearing the downstairs banister as well.

This was not to be when I tried it a few days ago. This time, my sister’s cat (Shake.) decided to be in my landing coordinates when I jumped. So I had to adjust in mid-air.

End result? Head off the downstairs banister, roll down the rest of the stairs, head off the wall. It gave me a bit of a concussion, a humourous anecdote, and new stamina for long winded swearing.

As of now though, my concussion has passed. However, being sick has replaced it. I think I might have caught whatever a certain sick person had when he was at my house on Friday. Ah well.

I guess that’s all folks.

Remember ESMs?

I did today! It was awesome. So I went and polished off a couple more:

ESM #62 – Waiting in Dreamland
ESM #63 – Premium Lager

These two ESMs stem from some time ago (October of last year lololol) but they’re the latest that will come. Mainly because this makes me caught up on recordings again.

Oh yeah, and there might be some stuff from a D&D session in there. Maybe.
So enjoy. Or something.



That title up there is more or less a one word description of how much of an amount of time I’m online for. It’s mainly due to life, or the comp being in use.

Thankfully, it’s never been both at once.

Moving on. I find I’ve been gaming a lot more, not counting the periods of time where I’m job hunting. So basically, gaming at night. It’s a lot like wearing sunglasses at night, minus the looking like an ass part. That last word keeps being read like ass-part to me for some reason. It sounds like an insult.

“You fucking ass-part! That’s right! You’re not even worth an ass! You’re just a part of a much larger, much hairier scary thing! You ass-part!”

I haven’t decided on whether or not it’s funny yet.

Anyways, I guess that’s it. Oh wait, one more thing: Thanks for upgrading all my stuff and backing up my database and files, Fid!

Now that’s it.

EDIT: Oh yes, it’s funny. But its humour factor decreases exponentially over time. I call it the This Is Ass-parta Principle.

Kinda Back.

So I was without internet for the past while in case people (Read: Kaze. I know this because he asked me via text like yesterday or so. Kaze, you killed the last of my minutes with that text, you fuck. Please find enclosed, one knife. Kindly swallow it.) didn’t know or were wondering.

As such, I appear to be back. I say kinda as I’m not sure how well or long it’ll hold for either. How I got back on is kinda funny as well. At least, to me it is.

Before you ask, Fid, no, nothing got done with Shadowgate ReBorn. I wasn’t allowed to use the computer due to my Dad thinking that at the time I had broken the network card because it said its media was disconnected. Y’know? Meaning it just couldn’t get a signal? Trying to explain didn’t work. It did eventually though, as evidenced by me being here to try to get the net working. Him being unreasonable was a result of withdrawal symptoms, as he had (finally) quit smoking. Apparently quitting something you’ve been doing for 35 years (that’s also addictive or something) is hard. Who knew.

Anyways, nothing new to report other than I played lots of games, I found out I’m awesome at Modern Warfare 2, and that the Castlevania fighting game (Although it plays more like a 3rd person action game. Like Onimusha or something, while still being kinda like a fighter.) for the Wii isn’t bad at all.

(Irrelevant Sidenote: Fuck the Tokay. Fuck them oh so hard. With a rusty spoon. Made of barded wire. Dipped in salty acid.)


Fuck. Yeahr.

We’re getting a signal! /LeagueofExtraordinaryGentlemen

So for awhile it looked like I was going to be screwed for the interwebs. The network that my sister’s laptop, my DS, and Strider’s 360 could connect to would not allow the PC to connect. Or the Wii for some reason. However, the PC found a different network that it could connect to, but the others on the previous network could not connect to. So I lawl. But now to the meat ‘n potatoes of what’s up.

We is moved in now. Now we has to move all our shit around, and get the place set up. Joy and all that. I’ll still not be around all that much due to the aforementioned fact. Thus, this is more of an all is well for now post.

Wub for the homies. Peace.


We found a place. Is a two floored, (3 if the basement counts) 4 bedroom place, and it’s awesome. $1500 a month, plus utilities. We plan to rent out the 4th bedroom (Already doing that actually.) and the basement. So hopefully we should be good.

As we’re moving over today and tomorrow, this’ll most likely be the last anyone hears of me for a few days or so. Mainly until we have Internet at the new place. Or if I manage to find (and subsequently jack) a signal.

‘Til then, peace. 😀

Moment of Truth

Today’s the court date regarding the stay of notice for the eviction.

Court’s done. We have to pay over 7K on Monday or move. I do believe we’ll be doing the latter. As such, will probably disappear sometime later in the week, and then be back whenever. Or not at all. We’ll see.

No, we currently don’t have any place to go. But we is gonna be looking. Ah well, will update when I can. Peace.