That title up there is more or less a one word description of how much of an amount of time I’m online for. It’s mainly due to life, or the comp being in use.

Thankfully, it’s never been both at once.

Moving on. I find I’ve been gaming a lot more, not counting the periods of time where I’m job hunting. So basically, gaming at night. It’s a lot like wearing sunglasses at night, minus the looking like an ass part. That last word keeps being read like ass-part to me for some reason. It sounds like an insult.

“You fucking ass-part! That’s right! You’re not even worth an ass! You’re just a part of a much larger, much hairier scary thing! You ass-part!”

I haven’t decided on whether or not it’s funny yet.

Anyways, I guess that’s it. Oh wait, one more thing: Thanks for upgrading all my stuff and backing up my database and files, Fid!

Now that’s it.

EDIT: Oh yes, it’s funny. But its humour factor decreases exponentially over time. I call it the This Is Ass-parta Principle.

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