Coming Next Week: Might Disappear For Awhile

Right, so I forgot to mention that I might be disappearing for awhile. Could be for a little bit, could be for a large bit, could be forever. Not sure yet. This is due to the fact that I was given an eviction notice last week. Today’s the moment of truth of said notice.

Therefore, in possibly a couple of hours I may end up homeless. I’ll be updating this as soon as I can after the moment passes. There’s a chance we might be okay, as my Dad is currently in court trying to get the eviction stayed. So who knows. Eviction has been stayed. We have another week. Thus, comes the attempt to get money and paperwork together to argue our case. Alternatively, if we construct enough pylons to appease the Conclave, we’ll win that way. I came up with the obvious (Yet no one else thought of it for some reason.) plan of getting a loan, using the inheritance as easy coverage. Answers will be obtained in around 24 hours or so. Will try to keep you posted.


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