So, obviously D&D; didn’t happen.
Probably because I went out on Friday, then came back on Monday.

My absence is probably the reason. Waha.
That’s okay, D&D; was my backup plan in the first place.

My weekend was full of awesome. Sleep hates me though.
Probably because I spent very very very little time with her.
Sowwy sleepy!

Anyways, I still want to do D&D.; I just don’t know when.
Hopefully this week sometime though.

The Quest to Lose Darke‘s Virginity MUST Continue!
For Great Justice of course.

You turn the tree into a huge wooden sword…

Then you use that sword as a bridge to get across the river.
Following that, you chase after the salmon swarm that is whisking away your friends towards a waterfall.
Meanwhile one of your other friends is being chased by a school of piranha that somehow don’t need water.

If you remember this, you’re probably Kaze.
Or, you were also there when I told this to him in a previous D&Dish; session.

Thus, I propose D&D; again. Possibly this Friday.
Anyone who’s in should contact me.

Note: This will most likely end up an ESM or two.

Moving on, ESM status is currently still at looking through recording stages.
Man I’m lazy.

I am a Hypocrite.

At least, for the moment. I am giving advice without following said advice. ‘course, I’m giving that advice to myself, but I digress.

I told myself to juggle less games.

Instead, I did the opposite.


Oh, as to ESM status, I have recordings again, so I expect there will be some new ESMs sooner or later. I’m not currently sure as to how many. I DO have somewhere between 5 and 7 recordings to go through though. That’s over an hour of crap to listen to. Unfun.

*added’d “unfun”, and “ESM” to Firefox dictionary*

*added’d “added’d” to Firefox dictionary*

EDIT: MSN has been hating on me. Nurr.

Too Many Games

Seriously. I don’t want to admit it, but I have been juggling too many games.
I suppose I’ll just focus on a few at a time.
That should do it.

At least that’s the hope.

The problem is that I sometimes get burned out on a game when I focus on it.
That leads to me not playing it for awhile. Like Brawl, for instance.
Got burned out on that, and now I don’t play it except when at a friend’s house.

And don’t get me started on all the hacks out there.
WAY too many of those to juggle.
For example, the number of SMW hacks I’ve been playing are in the double digits!

Ah well. *turns on his DS*

EDIT: Oh yeah, I set up a backloggery template sig for my posts starting now. It’ll show my LPGs.


##th Blog Post!

It’s a milestone, I guess.

Anyways, just thought I’d update this bitch.

So, I’ve been playing a bunch of games recently.
Okay just Echoes, and Wind Waker the most.
Games be jawesome. Wind Waker is a little annoying on the denying me freedom thing though.
I still don’t see why Echoes is usually considered the black sheep of the series.

Away from games for a moment (ZOMG!), let’s go to ESM status.
I’m currently out of recordings again, so I dunno when the next one will be.
It’ll probably happen sometime this weekend. Stay tuned I guess.

Oh and I think something might be UP, but I can’t quite say…

…I wasn’t in school yesterday or the day before.
That sucks. I can only imagine the homework situation.
Yesterday I wasn’t in school because I was waiting for a guy to come and install the new thermostat, and remove the old one. My dad was at work and my sister “was missing too much school” so I got the shaft there. The day before yesterday I was waiting for the Electrical Inspector to come by. Same reasons as the yesterday’s school abscence. I don’t need this, I need to be at school for my Maths and smarts so I can go to more schoolses for mathses and smarts.


Oh, and I still need to come up with something else for the site besides ESMs.
Maybe a webcomic or something, I dunno.


Still No Internet

It sucks. A lot.
According to my Dad, the net came back for a few minutes though.
Same thing with my sister when she was on.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my Wii is to blame.
I’ll have to test that theory though first.

In other news, I’m borrowing Mario Kart Wii off of a friend.
This game is freaking amazing.

FC: 1032 1891 4509