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It’s said that repeating the same action whilst expecting different results is the very definition of insanity. I find that rather interesting, considering chaos theory is basically that in one sense. In any sense, I mention this because I finished the sanity system for ReTurn Uninvited.

It’s rather simplistic due to it working the way it did in the original game. I don’t want to spoil it completely, but basically it’s a form of time limit imposed on you. You will start the game with 100 sanity points. If it drops to zero, bad things happen to good people. Now, I am not a fan of time limits in my puzzle games, so I included the same triggers the original game used. The estate’s effect on your sanity won’t begin immediately, and it will be possible to stop it. So in short, the time limit is rather optional.

Despite it being an optional time limit, I’m glad I was able to include it. Especially since I never ended up implementing the torch system in Shadowgate ReBorn. I believe the main reason for that though, was because that time limit was mandatory.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’ve got some rather decent progress made on the game, and I just figured I’d give an update.


A New Project

So, it’s been 2 years since I released the latest version of Shadowgate ReBorn.
As such, I figure now’s as good a time as any to announce my next project: ReTurn Uninvited.

Back when I was working on Shadowgate ReBorn, I already had a couple more projects in mind. This was the next one in line, a remake of the NES version of Uninvited. Another of Kemco’s point’n’click adventures for the NES, and one I liked about as much as I liked Shadowgate. Before, I didn’t really have much motivation to do this. Then I found out about RPG Maker VX Ace (The new latest version) and its features/upgrades over VX. I was immediately intrigued.

I’ve tinkered with the program for a bit, and I feel confident I can do this project better than I did the previous one. It also shouldn’t take me as long as it took for the Shadowgate remake.
In any case, head on over to the project page (click the link in this post, or just use the navbar up top.) if you’re interested. There’s no demo out yet though.

EDIT: Shoutbox is currently down. Theme is being worked on by a Deity. Bear with it for now. It’s done. Thanks, Fid.

Now What?

So, it’s been a long-ass time since I last updated my site. I haven’t really done anything, which is kind of pathetic. Between not doing ESMs anymore, and the ReBorn project being finished, I’m unsure of the point to this blog now. I turned 23 at the start of this month, which was nice, but that’s basically the only thing of note.

Main issue here, is one of content. I’ve none to give at the moment. Guess that’s that, until I come up with something.


American Internet Censorship


I’m Canadian, yet can easily see that this is bullshit. You guys (Read: Americans.) should hope this doesn’t pass. Feel free to email your congress or whatever, if that does anything. *shrug* (Cue Copypasta!)

In any case, this is a bill being pushed by corporations and associations in the entertainment industry (things like the RIAA, MPAA, ESA, companies like Viacom, etc.), without any say or vote from people in the technology industry. This is about money. These big corporations can only see that *some* people pirate things, and feel those are lost sales. I’m of the opinion that they still get positive word of mouth from those (which, in advertising, is known as the best kind of advertisement), and that a super-majority of those people would not have bought that particular movie/show/game anyhow. This is all not to mention the fact that they want us to repeatedly buy the same thing to store it on our computer, or transfer it to another medium. But to them, that is correct, and they can’t stand people going around their price-gouging system.

Besides all that though, this law is largely unconstitutional. It would be bypassing any right to trial or due-process. For instance, some user could come on these forums, and post a thread with a link to some copyrighted content. Some representative of the entertainment industry could find a link on Google or some other site pointing to the thread. Staff would remove this thread once they see it, but maybe we didn’t get to it yet, or maybe it’s gone and the representative thinks it’s license to believe that there might be more links on this website. There’s no due process. So, all of a sudden, this site is no longer pointed to my server, it’s stolen from me and disabled at a DNS level. This is something that was previously reserved for American-hosted sites that posed threats to National Security. And that’s it. There’d be jack I could do about it, and I’d receive a hefty fine in the mail, a felony on my record, and a possibility of five years in jail in one of our lovely correctional institutions. I’m no criminal, but, put in me in one of those for five years, and I’ll emerge one, almost undoubtedly. And I’d probably get raped. And I’d probably get killed trying to kill my raper for raping me.

Anyhow, this whole thing vastly oversteps everything that is remotely fair, or constitutional, as well as overstepping the freedoms and neutrality of the internet.

Feel free to post this on any websites you guys might own or frequent- the absolute best thing you can do is get the word out. If there’s a large public outcry, maybe that will make our congressional representatives do the right thing for once. Maybe freedom can win over money.


tl;dr – The U.S. of A’s money grubbin’ fat cats are trying to put a stranglehold on the Internet, and your rights to free speech. Bitch slapping creativity in the face along the way.

EDIT: And yeah I know, it’s been awhile. But this was enough to get me to post. Maybe I’ll start doing stuff with this site again.

IE needs to Step It Up

So it’s come to my attention that the sidebar of the site is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy pushed down when viewing the site under Internet Explorer.

IE8 might not have that problem though. *shrug*
I know that IE7 and below do.

Point is, why are there still people silly enough to keep using IE?
Go get Firefox. Or Chrome. Or Opera. Hell, nearly anything is better.

Shadowgate ReBorn 1.1

Yeah. That didn’t take long. XD
I’d like to thank a certain fierce deity (Mopquill) for running through the game with me to find any bugs or stuff.

As such, a couple of bugs were fixed, and some script revisions have been made. Minor stuff, but worth a release regardless. So head on over to the download page and grab v1.1 of the game.

NOTE: Save files should be compatible. Just install the game somewhere then copy your save over.

Shadowgate ReBorn is Finished

Yes, you read that right. I have finally gotten around to finishing the damn game. I didn’t end up adding the extra crap, but I can always go and do that at a later date. The point is, the full version is done and is up for download. Just meander on over to the Shadowgate ReBorn page on the Projects tab and give it a look-see.

I guess leave any comments here as to any bugs or things of that nature being found. Alternatively, just contact me with the usual methods since I know most of you would be too lazy otherwise. XD

Anyways, it’s done. It’s about damn time.

Reappearing at your Local Place of Recreation…

Me! Or something. Point is, I’ve returned.
Was going to say more, then changed my mind.

So basically, I was homeless. We (Read: Myself, dad, sister, and Strider (who we rented a spare room too)) lost the house due to shenanigans and the land lord essentially being a dick. Anyways, it split all of us up. Strider moved to a friend’s place, my sister moved to a friend’s place, and it was just my Dad and I.

After moving our stuff into a storage unit, we (Read: Now just my Dad and I.) were able to stay at my friend Dry-Bones’s place ’til the end of June. So that gave us about a couple of weeks for each of us to find someplace to live. I eventually did. I’m now living at Xenyadot’s place, paying $350/month. As I get $585/month due to income assistance, this works well for now. As for my Dad, I dunno what he’s doing. We’re keeping in touch via the phone, but that’s all I know. I guess that’s everything. My family’s essentially been torn apart (locationwise anyways) and I’m stable again now I suppose.

Oh yeah, we’re looking to give away my sister’s two cats, as she can’t have them where she is. Now that’s everything. Peace.