A New Project

So, it’s been 2 years since I released the latest version of Shadowgate ReBorn.
As such, I figure now’s as good a time as any to announce my next project: ReTurn Uninvited.

Back when I was working on Shadowgate ReBorn, I already had a couple more projects in mind. This was the next one in line, a remake of the NES version of Uninvited. Another of Kemco’s point’n’click adventures for the NES, and one I liked about as much as I liked Shadowgate. Before, I didn’t really have much motivation to do this. Then I found out about RPG Maker VX Ace (The new latest version) and its features/upgrades over VX. I was immediately intrigued.

I’ve tinkered with the program for a bit, and I feel confident I can do this project better than I did the previous one. It also shouldn’t take me as long as it took for the Shadowgate remake.
In any case, head on over to the project page (click the link in this post, or just use the navbar up top.) if you’re interested. There’s no demo out yet though.

EDIT: Shoutbox is currently down. Theme is being worked on by a Deity. Bear with it for now. It’s done. Thanks, Fid.

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