Blegh. I’m sick.

It sucks. Like, really really bad. I practically never get sick, so when I do, it’s annoying. Especially when it’s an overly thorough sickness like this one. I don’t even know what I have.

Perhaps it’s Dragon Flu.

Not to mention that a week or so ago, I was in a pair of car accidents. I sorta forgot to post about that. Ah well. I’m clearly fine though. That or this is some clever ruse. But I digress.

The two accidents happened on the same day, within five minutes of each other. But they’re unrelated. It was a rainy day, so the roads were slippery. At some point on the way home, we (Read: Xen, the driver.) rear ended a car. Sometime later, a raccoon grows a pair and darts onto the road. Instead of hitting it, we (Read: Xen.) decided swerving was the better idea. The raccoon ran in the direction of the swerve, so the swerve was made wider. Result was a delicious spin out, stopping us in the middle of the street. That is, taking up both lanes, horiztonally across the street. What we in the biz call a “bad position”. So then we (Read: I tell Xen to) pull over. My sister and her friend get out of the car, deciding to walk home. I tell Xen to go home, then I went with my sister.

Gasp. That’s right. I did a brotherly action.
Call your bets in now.
Moving on, we get home safely, The End.

One thing I found funny was, the entire time the 2nd accident happened, I was nonchalantly going through my music on my SANYO. Including the time of the pull over up to me rejoining my sister.

Anyways, that’s all. I’m thoroughly ill. Huzzah.

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