How was your weekend?

Mine wasn’t too bad.
I had Mr. Pickles and Kero over.
It was jawesome.

Net died on Sunday. That sucked.
I don’t know if it’s back yet.

Oh Kero, I unlocked everyone in the Bleach game.
#6 doesn’t have his release, he instead just does a spiritual power up.
While that IS lame, I will say that his ultimate attack is incredibly jawesome.
Same goes for #4.

They gave good voices to both #6, and #4.

The numbers were put instead of names to avoid spoilers.
Kero should know who I’m talking about. Which is good.

It’s Friday!


I didn’t have to go do the thing I thought I’d have to go do this morning.
Instead, it’s being pushed to sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday.


It rained semi-hardcore this morning.
I had to walk in it. Sadface.
I hate being in the rain unless I has rain gear, or an umbrella. But I had neither.
Everytime I state my disdain for rain (lol, rhyme.) I remember something my Grandma used to say.
“You take showers don’t you?”
Yeah, I do take showers. But not in my clothes. Therein lies the problem. Clothes.

…I ran out of things to say.

Bleach – Shattered Blade (Wii) is an awesome game.