OJ is Gone.

We had to give her up to the Humane Society.
AFAIK, she’s with Animal Control at the moment though.
It makes me a sad panda. She’s an awesome cat.
She just didn’t use the litter box much. That’s all.
I hope she escapes. If she does I bet she’ll show up at my house again, at the back door, waiting to be let in. She’s just awesome enough to do so.

Famine Update: A little over 3 hours remains. I seem to be fine still. Did some mega-gaming last night. Brawl, Wiikart, and Bleach were all played. Others played Brawl on a seperate Wii, Guitar Hero II (or was it III? I forget.) on a PS2, and Halo 3 in the hallway. Also there were TVs all over the school, and people were hooking up other consoles or DVD players and watching movies or playing games. ‘Twas awesome.

EDIT: Oh yeah, my internet came back yesterday morning apparently. I verified this when I got home last night and tried it. Coincidently, I removed my Wii from the house on that day to bring to the Famine/Games Club. Maybe my Wii WAS the culprit after all. Hrm.

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