I was dead.

I know, I haven’t updated this thing in awhile.
My fault.

…Kind of pointless to say that. Who’s fault could it be besides mine?
Nobody. No one’s fault but my own. It sucks, I suppose.
Anyways, for my reason behind my lack of updating, read the post title again.

Life 3 sure can be winly.

Moving along, my (read: The one I use.) comp is going in for a new hard-drive later today.
It’s currently an 80GB, and it will be getting a 320GB addition.
The 320GB will be the primary, and have the OS on it. It’ll then be partitioned into C: and D:, 120GB for C, and 200GB for D. The 80GB will become drive E:.
Later on the RAM is planned to be upgraded from its pitiful 256MB to something better.
So, woot.

No ESMs are currently in the making, due to the above reason. Sowwy. Wub?

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