Do you want to feel SO FANTASTIC?!?!
Then you should try, BlogThirst!
Energy drinks for people who need GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF BLOGGING!

With all new flavours like Tsunablog! Wavey Postage! It’s like adding a blog to a TROPICAL STORM!

Sound the alarm, you’re about to be UNCOMFORTABLY FANTASTIC!

What’s that? You want Blogger? Well how about FROGGER?!?!
Made with hypnotoads. REAL HYPNOTOADS!

Posts! *roar* You’ll be good at them!
It’s an energy drink for posters! POSTERGY!

These aren’t your Dad’s musings, these are energy musings! TURBOMUSINGS!

Science, energy, science, energy, electrothoughts, turbothoughts, powerthoughts, MORE THOUGHTS THAN YOUR BODY HAS ROOM FOR!!!!

You’ll be so fast, the Blogger Admins will be like “Slowwwww dowwwwn….” and you’ll be like “Fuck you! And bash them in the face with your ENERGY KEYBOARD!”

You’ll feel so fantastic! Fantastic! *roar* ALL THE TIME!

Power-Typing, Power-Reading, Power-Publishing, Power-Coding, Power-Blogging, Power-Commenting, Power-Making Posts! You’ll make so many posts! Over 9000 POSTS!

Give Frogger to your posts and they’ll be good at BLOGGING!
Make your posts blog ABNORMALLY FAST!
They’ll blog as fast as BOTS!
People will see them blogging and think that they’re BOTS!
They’ll blog as fast as BOTS against actual BOTS, and it’ll be a tie and they’ll get deported back to the MATRIX!

Hey! Go with the sure thing! Don’t gamble on your blog!

This was inspired by Powerthirst.

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