Epic Blogging Maneuver GO!

Alright, so now I have this blog dealie all set up and good to go.
Basically, I plan on uploading Epic Skype Maneuvers for your entertainment.
I’ll upload them here where ye can just view ’em.

An Explanation About Nucking Futs:
Nucking Futs is a random audio segment I decided to randomly do for reasons I don’t remember back in 2005. Three segments (or episodes as I call them usually.) were made, and only the first two still exist. The first Nucking Futs features myself, Xenyadot, Zidane, and Forestheart. I’m the one who quotes General Duke, Xenyadot randomly makes high pitched noises, Zidane sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Forestheart decides to interrupt and talk about his wee-wee.

The second Nucking Futs features myself, Xenyadot, Tea Time (Xenyadot’s brother), and Skirb.
I call Skirb a bitch, Skirb is the one who says EPSILON a few times, Xenyadot is the one who is only woken up by noodles, and Tea Time is the one referred to as AJ.

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