A Few Upsetting Notions

So, a few things have bothered and/or upset me in some way.
By upset, I mean I probably didn’t like it.
But I digress.

EDIT: I didn’t do ESM #17 again. Sorry. I’ve just been in a fuck everything mood lately. No this does not mean that I’m oh so ronery, so shaddup even BEFORE you start. 😛

TMC is dead.
On the cold logical upside, I have regained a portion of time I would normally spend there.
I’d have liked to keep going there. I’ll probably check in from time to time.
But I won’t be doing a damn thing. I’m sick of the users not caring anymore.
So ah well, I’ll deal with it.

Next order of business.
A few other places I go to have died or are seemingly dead.
So I’ve stopped hoping for change altogether in said places. I’m taking the TMC approach with them.

I’m losing some of the options I had when browsing the internet.
Guess I’ll focus more on doing some projects I’ve been holding back on.

Let’s move on.

Recently, as in the past few days, MSN has been a lousy rotten bitch to me.
I can sign on. And then talk for about five minutes or so. Then no one seems to be able to get messages from me. I plan on reinstalling MSN. So we’ll see how that goes.

Now we get to today.

I went to the bank during my spare.
After a long tirade of ID presenting and talking and signing things to withdraw $30 from an account because I didn’t have a bank card… I didn’t get any money.
I was told that my Grandma was the only one with the signing rights.
Yeah. My LATE Grandma. Fuck eh?
I now have to bring in death certificates before I can do anything.
Looking forward to that. Huzzah.

Also, Friday turns out to NOT be a P.A. Day like I was told. Yay.

So I’m having a funderful time. How about you guys?

Oh right, my birthday is on Thursday. All I would like is to be wished a good one on the day of.
It’s all I ever want on it.

4 thoughts on “A Few Upsetting Notions

  1. I’m sorry MSN has been a bitch for you.

    It sucks you don’t have a PA day.

    And I will be wishing you a happy birthday on your birthday. I always do.

  2. Thank you.

    Before you ask, I have no minutes, and therefore can’t text.

    I also have not gotten a signal on my Wii since I got back from Dan’s.

    And fuck e-mails. I prefer PMs.

    Oh, and it seems that my Dad will most likely be home on my birthday, and on Friday.

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