A Barrel Full Of Skypies!

Last night, (and into early this morning) I completed ESMs 2-4.
Thus finishing all creation of ESM for this time being.
In other words, I have no more recordings to go through.
Therefore, ESM#5 will be made next time I’m on Skype or so.

Maneuver #2 – Something Epic Is Born (Guests: Fid, Kaze, Skirb)

Maneuver #3 – Speaking of Rape, That Tastes Like a Fat Clown’s Ass (Guests: Fid, Cherko, Kaze, Skirb, Firebird, Darke, Kibs)

Maneuver #4 – Justice Guy: Apply Directly to Forehead (Guests: Fid, Kaze, Skirb, Darke, Kibs)

NOTE: I don’t actually remember who is in what Maneuver out of the above three. That was going off somewhat guesswork and somewhat memory. This will be updated when I get home. No, these aren’t uploaded yet, as (Fid, Lynx, Kibs, and possibly Kaze) my internet crapped out last night. That’s actually the reason as to why I was able to get them done.

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